Chun-Hsiu Chen and Chien-Ming Wang Meet in Columbus

Chien-Ming Wang - Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Promoted from the FanPost section (Ryan).

The Taiwanese media obsess over their fellow countrymen and MLB (past, present, future).

The meeting between Chen and Wang yesterday put this obsession on full display. Here is a rough translation(courtesy of my wife) of a China Times feature:

Chun-Hsiu Chen rises and Chien-Ming Wang sinks

Wang was with Columbus Clippers 8 years ago and he is being replaced by the newcomer Chun-Hsiu Chen. Wang is 8 years older than Chen, both eyeing a position in the majors. Chen has the wind in his hand; his old teammates in Taiwan predict that he'll be promoted to MLB later this year. On the other hand, Wang is doing his best to return to the majors.

"Don't fix it if nothing is broken." This is the simple philosophy Chen follows. He does the same thing, eats the same food, takes the same drinks every day. According to Chen, he is the same guy he was as a AA ball player, i.e. upon arriving at the stadium he'll practice in preparation for the game at his own pace.

After Chen’s promotion to AAA, his hits and runs helped the Clippers win all 3 games, good enough to be the team’s lucky charm. Chen wants to continue the momentum. Even though his chosen song "Gangnam style" was not his original choice, if the song brings him luck, why not?

When Chen made the winning hit the other night, with the crowd of more than 10,000 at Huntington Park chanting his name「Chen、Chen、Chen」, the ambiance excited him greatly. Well, Wang used to be a superstar at Yankee Stadium, receiving a standing ovation from more than 50,000 people. Now he only has a fading glow, trying to prove his value in AAA.

No more charter flights for out of town games. Wang had to take an 8-hour bus ride from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Toledo, Ohio, prior to a shorter bus ride to Columbus. He came back to the place he played 8 years ago for a 4 game series. For the first 3 days, he sat on the sidelines keeping records for the team. Wang indicated that it's the practice of all teams. Starters at minor leagues rest one day after pitching the game. The other 3 days they need to track the game.

After finishing the 10:30 am game, Wang immediately took the bus back to Scranton. Isn't it hard to endure the 7 hour bus ride? Wang noted that no matter how hard it is you have to adjust yourself. He said when there is an early game, he'll be back to Scranton in the evening and the next day will be a day off. Life is not that difficult after all.

Wang has no self-pity. He does his best to avoid a negative attitude and serves as a great example for Chen, who was very frustrated he did not make it to AAA last year. Chen knows that he still can't handle the sinkers from an MLB pitcher even though he had two hits off Wang. Chen wants to take his opportunity in AAA to learn more and let his performance speak for himself. He believes that in the end opportunities will come to him naturally.

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