MLB Final Score: Cleveland Indians 7, Cincinnati Reds 1

Scott Kazmir. - Jason Miller

The Indians' only runs come with two outs in the fourth inning. All seven of them.

  • What happened with two outs in the fourth inning came completely out of nowhere. Homer Bailey had been matching Scott Kazmir with three consecutive zeroes to start the game, but then the Indians kept getting hit after hit after hit after....hit, and then Bailey's night was over.
  • But more impressive than the two-out hitting carousel was the pitching of Scott Kazmir, who pitched like his old self, only with a bit more control. He's not throwing the slider much anymore, and he's also been tinkering with his throwing schedule, but after tonight I think he can stop tinkering. He went seven very strong innings, holding one of the NL's best lineups to just one run.
  • Yan Gomes, who has been playing sporadically lately, went 3-for-4. Lou Marson recently started his rehab assignment, but I don't think the Indians are in any particular hurry to get Lou back to the majors, and at this point I'd saying Marson is the one that optioned to Columbus when he's deemed healthy.
  • With the Pirates beating the Tigers in extra innings, the Indians are now just a half-game behind Detroit. There's quite a bit of the Tribe's Champions League schedule to go, but so far they're hanging on.

Source: FanGraphs

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