MLB Draft 2013: Day 3 Open Thread (Rounds 11-40)

Mike Stobe

The draft concludes today.

Day 3 Details

  • Rounds: 11-40
  • Where to watch:, 1:00 PM

Any bonus in excess of $100,000 to player selected today will count against the signing club's pool. For instance, if the Indians give their 11th round pick a $150,000 bonus, $50,000 of that bonus will count against their pool. So don't expect many players drafted with signability concerns today.

Round Pick Player Pos. Exp. School Bonus Cap Actual Bonus
11 321 Adam Plutko RHP College Junior UCLA $100,000
12 351 Heath Quinn RF High School Oak Mountain HS, AL $100,000
13 381 Sicnarf Loopstok C Junior College Western OK St CC $100,000
14 411 Silento Sayles CF High School Port Gibson HS, MS $100,000
15 441 James Roberts SS College Junior USC $100,000
16 471 Mark Payton OF College Junior Texas $100,000
17 501 Ryan Hendrix RHP High School Cypress Woods HS, TX $100,000
18 531 Paul Hendrix SS College Junior Texas Christian $100,000
19 561 Matt Whitehouse LHP College Junior UC Irvine $100,000
20 591 Shane Rowland C College Junior U of Tampa $100,000
21 621 Paul Young RHP Junior College Central Alabama CC $100,000
22 651 Ben Heller RHP College Senior Olivet Nazarene U $100,000
23 681 Grant Fink 3B College Senior Missouri Western St Col $100,000
24 711 Kerry Doane RHP College Senior East Tennessee State $100,000
25 741 Cole Sulser RHP College Senior Dartmouth $100,000
26 771 Daniel Cogan RHP High School Rocklin HS, CA $100,000
27 801 Juan Gonzalez C High School Puerto Rico BB Academy $100,000
28 831 Steven Kane RHP Junior College Cypress College $100,000
29 861 Ridge Smith 3B High School Germantown HS, TN $100,000
30 891 Aaron Brown LHP College Soph Pepperdine $100,000
31 921 Wil Crowe RHP High School Pigeon Forge HS, TN $100,000
32 951 Cortland Cox RHP Junior College Riverside CC $100,000
33 981 Joe Wise LHP High School Cactus Shadows HS, AZ $100,000
34 1011 Dustin Cook RHP Junior College San Jacinto Coll. North $100,000
35 1041 Jordan Milbrath RHP College Junior Augustana College $100,000
36 1071 Mike Giuffre 2B Junior College Brookdale CC $100,000
37 1101 Garrett Smith 2B College Senior California Lutheran $100,000
38 1131 Justin Garcia RHP Junior College Weatherford College $100,000
39 1161 Frank Duncan RHP College Junior Kansas $100,000
40 1191 Dan Pellinen 3B High School North Woods School, MN $100,000
Totals $3,000,000
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