Cleveland Indians news, notes, and links (Saturday, July 27)

Now that's how you bunt!! - Jason Miller

News and notes for Saturday, July 27.

Filling in for Jason while he is off the grid ....

1 - Last Night

Well, last night sure kept everyone on the edges of their seats. That game could have been the start of the funeral procession of this team's playoff chances. Giving up a 7-1 run lead is usually unforgivable. The Rangers almost scored two runs without the benefit of a hit in the third inning. The defense lately has been pathetic, and that is probably being nice about it. And if Yan Gomes becomes our starting catcher from here on out, I wouldn't lose any sleep. In fact, I may just sleep a little better.

MLB box score

Mark Emery's recap on

Dennis Manoloff's article

Don't forget to tune in tonite for the Masterson-Darvish throwdown. It is the free game of the day for those with that capability.

2- Other Indians links:

Clint Frazier debuts at #56 on new MLB Top 100 prospect List [LINK] No one has graduated from their Top 20 Indian preseason list, but five have dropped off, including Dillon Howard. Newbies to the group besides Frazier include fellow draftees Dace Kime at #9, Kyle Crockett at #16 and Sean Brady at #19. The other new face is top riser Cody Anderson who went from unranked in preseason all the way to #7.

Lindor hits his first homer for Akron [LINK] on a deep fly ball to right center. He is raking (SSS alert) in his first 10 games in AA, batting .441 with a 1.225 OPS.

Also from is a brief interview with GM Chris Antonetti [LINK] and plans for the Rock's 80th birthday celebration on August 10. [LINK]

3 - MLB quick hits:

Grant Brisbee gives his rundown on five teams he believes should be selling, including the red-hot Mariners. [LINK]

Alfonso Soriano rejoins the Yankees after ten years away from the Bronx. [LINK] I don't think he will solve their issues as I think their problems run much deeper than being short a bat. Sabathia has slowly turning into a mediocre starter, and I don't see Biogenesis bailing the Yankees from that deal. Danny Knobler agrees with me. [LINK]

Schoenfield believes the Tribe sticks on the Tigers tails the rest of the season [LINK] and shows some ESPN love (down Brad) discussing our trade situation after tonite's walkoff homer. [LINK]

With all the PED talk on the site this week, Gregg Doyel has his thoughts on Bagwell's HOF omission (among others) [LINK]

4 - Hall of Fame potential

Over on, Jay Jaffe [LINK] offers his take on current active major leaguers that in his opinion will make the Hall of Fame using his JAWS system. He has a couple of "no duhs" with Jeter and Rivera. And I do also agree with Miggy and Pujols. But I have some doubts with most of his other selections. While all of them are excellent players, some just don't have the typical cache that will be needed to get that magical 75% vote.

I also agree with him on David Ortiz. If Edgar Martinez can't get in with his numbers, I sure hope that Ortiz doesn't make it. As Tribe fans, I feel we will have to make do with Jim Thome getting in for us. I'd love Omar to make it, but I fear he is not as loved by the populace. And unless some of our young studs actually stick it out in Cleveland through their early 30s, the Tribe will have a difficult time getting anyone to Cooperstown going forward.

5 - Seattle trip

I was lucky enough to finally see my first Tribe games in five years when they just visited Seattle. I had a great time meeting up with PortlandVinny and pdxtribefreak before the game. We had a few (more than few?) drinks prior to witnessing the Drew Stubb's basepath meltdown on Tuesday night. There were quite a few Tribe fans in my area, and the Mariner fans I chatted with were very pleasant. I met up with PortlandVinny after the game for a drink and some more fellow Tribe faithful.

Wednesday's day game was much more watchable of course. pdxtribefreak and I had tickets in the same section, just inside the left field foul pole. Both of Santana's doubles came into our corner and the ground rule one in the first just bounced past us into the bar. We both were shocked to see Bourn crank that granny, but that emptied out a decent chunk of the Mariner fans near us. If you ever make it out to the Emerald City, make sure to take game in at SafeCo Field. It is a very gorgeous park.

6 - Namesake

In keeping with tradition, this week's six pack will ironically discuss the original inspiration for the six pack, beer. Or more specifically, West Coast breweries for my fellow Pacific Standard Time zoners.

6-McMenamins, various locations in OR and WA

They have over 50 locations and like to recycle old buildings (elementary school, brothel, theatre, church to name a few) and make them in to brewhouses. Each place has their own take and uses different names for the beers.

5-Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA

The Racer 5 IPA is fantastic for the IPA crowd. Mytastes lean more towards the Red Rocket ale, the Big Bear Black Stout or the Peter Brown Tribute Ale. In October, they release Racer X, which is their seasonal Double India Pale Ale.

4-Rogue Brewing, Portland, OR

Rogue has many selections to choose from. Dead Guy Ale is one the top sellers, but make sure to try some of the others like Double Chocolate Syout, Hazelnut Brown Nectar or the Voodoo Bacon Maple Ale. They even have Mead.

3-Sierra Nevada, Chico, CA

The Pale Ale is the best known of their brews, but their Porter and Stout are excellent as well. They have excellent seasonals, with Summerfest perfect for a hot summer day and their Celebration Ale is a winter delight. If you prefer a bit more kick, Bigfoot, their Barleywine, is the solution.

2-Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR

My favorite of Deschutes is their Black Butte Porter, scrumptious. The Mirror Pond Pale Ale is relaxing, the Chainbreaker White IPA is not as hoppy as most like, but more my style. And I also like their Christmas brew, Jubelale as well.

1-Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA

The classic Anchor Steam is delicious, and goes down smooth. One of my personal favorites is their Anchor Wheat. It is unfiltered and perfect on any hot day. And if you are near the Bay around Christmas, be sure to grab some Christmas Ale. The recipe changes each year, so you never know what you will get, except a delicious drink.

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