MLB Final Score/Recap: Oakland Athletics 7, Cleveland Indians 3

Nick Swisher - Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians lose the crucial rubber game of their series with Oakland and once again fall four games back in the Wild Card race.

August 18, 2013

Athletics 7, Indians 3

Apparently the extra time off did not help Scott Kazmir. He struggled throughout his start, and gave up the two crucial home runs in the fifth just after the Indians had tied the game. Kazmir went just five innings, having already thrown 102 pitches and having already given up five runs on ten hits and two walks. Scott could be running out of gas, as he's now thrown 119 innings, over double the amount he threw last season.  He was sitting in the low 90s today, with just a couple pitches 94-95. And he did reach back for a bit extra in the fifth inning, he gave up the two home runs.

The Indians had their opportunities to make a game of it. Well, they actually did when they tied the game in the fifth, scoring two runs off of spot starter Tommy Milone thanks to a Jason Kipnis RBI single and a Carlos Santana RBI double. But that tie didn't last long, and the Tribe offense couldn't put a dent in Oakland's second two-run lead. The A's broke the game open in the eighth after Nick Swisher just didn't catch a throw from shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera.

So now the Indians are four back of Oakland in the Wild Card race, and are now 1.5 games behind Baltimore. The good news is that the teams ahead of them in the race are soon going to play each other, with Baltimore playing Tampa Bay and then Oakland this week. Oakland in particular has a tough stretch of games starting this Friday, with a 13-game stretch including Baltimore, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Texas. So the Indians still have a shot, but they're running out of chances.

Source: FanGraphs

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