27 Games Later Episode V

The subtitle of this post is The Tribe Strikes Back* "I hate baseball and everyone in it." 5 games ago, I was looking forward to writing this after the Tribe continued is winning streak and took some from Atlanta and Detroit to be back in the WC race and the division. However, now I'm just mad and hate everything. It sucks, too, because it was a really funny Star Wars themed post that everyone would have loved. Thanks a lot, you bunch of jerks.

Set 5 - The Tribe needed to go at least 15-12 or 14-13 to have a strong shot at winning 90 games and keep playoff hopes alive. Assuming no explosion from tonight's latest Detroit debacle, they ended up going 11-16, which was a devastating blow to playoff chances. While they took care of business against the Marlins, Angles, Twins, and A's (for the most part) - their 0-9 record against the Braves and Tigers in this set may be the killing blow.

As it stands, 90 wins isn't very realistic - and I can't really say that they would make the playoffs even so. The A's and Rays are looking strong. The only saving grace is the schedule for the Tribe. There has been increasing chatter that the Indians aren't out of it due to the easy September schedule, but it's not as easy as we would think.

Compare for a second the 2007 Indians. Their last 3 sets of 27 games: 12-15, 17-10, 18-9. That got them to 96 wins. So although they had rough July, their August and September got them back. For the Tribe to win 90 games (Good Lord, the Tigers just scored again), they would have to go 19-8 over the last 27. That means they have to win:

1. Tomorrow against the Tigers

2. Win 2 of 3 against Orioles, Mets, and Royals twice.

3. Win 3 of 4(!) against the Astros, White Sox, and Twins.

4. Split the final two game series against the Sox.

It's not completely out of the question, and if the pitching keeps up, it will be close - but that means a) the offense has got get its collective head out of it's collective as# funk, and b) it has to take care of business. None of this losing to the Angels, walk-off wins against the Twins crap. Beat the teams you are supposed to beat.

We're "only" 4 games off of 90 win pace - which when you say it like that, certainly sounds better than it feels. The problem is there might not be enough games left to catch 90, let alone the playoffs.

I should feel good about this season (and I do). My original prediction was 84 wins and my original goal was health all around so we can have another killer offseason to make a prime run in 2014. We should surpass both of those. (Yes I know, we lost Brett Myers. We're fine). But typical Cleveland, because it flirted with the postseason, now makes me frowny face inside.

*It was a really cool post comparing the early sweep to the Battle of Hoth and DFA's Reynolds to Luke losing his hand, but there was still this feeling of dread hanging over everyone, pointing to Episode VI: The Return of the Playoffs. I should post it in a fan fiction section.

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