MLB Final Score/Recap: Detroit Tigers 6, Cleveland Indians 5 (14 Innings)

Jason Miller


August 7, 2013

Tigers 6, Indians 5 (11 Innings)

I'm numb, frustrated, mad, resigned, and tired. But even through all those emotions (and physical states), I recognize that the Indians played their rear ends off, battling until the final out. I also recognize that the season isn't over yet. The Indians, even with this loss, still have a shot at the Wild Card. Though after tonight's loss, the division ain't happening.

Danny Salazar. Wow. Yeah, he gave up a go-ahead home run to Miguel Cabrera in the eighth inning, and he still has to work on that third pitch, but what a start for him. 7.2 innings, 10 strikeouts. He started the game throwing in the high 90s, and was up near 100 mph in the eighth inning. What a talent.

The Tribe came back in the eighth to tie the game, though they had a couple opportunities to win the game in regulation, especially after Santana hit the double to give the Indians runners on second and third with nobody out. The Tigers bullpen, which early in the year had been a major weakness, was tonight a strength. Even the undead Jeremy Bonderman came in and shut the Tribe batters down for three innings.

The Tribe bullpen did a heck of a job, too. Cody Allen got out of a ninth-inning jam, and Brian Shaw pitched really well in two innings of work. But Terry Francona tried to get a third inning out of him, and he ran out of gas. Then Scrabble came into the game, got ahead of Prince Field, and laid a fat pitch out over the outing half of the plate for Fielder to drive into the left-center gap. That scored two runs, and the way the Tribe offense had been going, it looked like the Indians wouldn't have a chance in the bottom of the 14th. But of course they score a run, and got the tying run to third. And of course, like so many other times tonight, the Indians couldn't get a hit with runners in scoring position.

The Indians will likely make a roster move to bring up a relief pitcher for tomorrow's game. I think Scrabble will be the one sent down, although he's one of the more rested pitchers in the bullpen. But he's one of only three pitchers with options remaining, and Allen and Shaw aren't going to be sent down.

I think tonight we broke a LGT record for comments during a regular season game. Thanks to everyone for helping each other through this tough one. Well, except that one guy who no longer has posting privileges.

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1 Gradyforpresident 128
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4 emily522 109
5 Turkmenbashi 98
6 Brad D 95
7 kendaru.geter 94
8 OPace 90
9 Joel D 88
10 PyroKinesis 76
11 johnf34 73
12 bupalos 69
13 Chief Wahoo 66
14 supermarioelia 56
15 Ockus_NYC 55
16 LosIndios 51
17 JustinHiggins 50
18 Heavysoviet 49
19 rolub 48
20 NatiTribeFan 46
21 themadlibs 45
22 Ryan 44
23 barsham 42
24 USSChoo 36
25 Zaza Braggins 36
26 V-Mart Shopper 35
27 Jay 30
28 westbrook 29
29 Tribe2013 28
30 emd2k3 26
31 notthatnoise 26
32 kennesawmountainwahoo 25
33 woodsmeister 21
34 mtg8 21
35 palcal 21
36 APV 20
37 tr1betime 20
38 no1ever 16
39 mauichuck 16
40 mjschaefer 14
41 supersizeme 14
42 PaduaDSP 12
43 JulioBernazard 12
44 AmbienTribe8 11
45 tabler84 10
46 roar888 9
47 ramblinwreckcle 8
48 Danieldelamaiz 8
49 Daniel Van Meter 6
50 AndyKatzenmoyersGolfTeacher 6
51 inferno 5
52 Mr.Conic 4
53 Ellaybee 4
54 Lawyered 4
55 lofton_fan 3
56 OddlyGaussian 3
57 NickFantana 3
58 cleveland teamer 2
59 tribetimenow 2
60 baerga1 1
61 valhallas_own28 1
62 C-Rex 1
63 CManchester13 1
64 Pa tribefan 1
65 sandyalomarfan 1

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