Tribe News & Notes 9/26/13 - Masterson's Return

The Pitch is Back! - David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Masterson is back, the Goon Squad expands and the Yankees are officially dead.

Scoreboard Watching

Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees - September 25, 2013 | TB Recap -- Good news - the Yankees are eliminated. Bad news - the Rays still are looking at the Indians in their rear view mirror.

Houston Astros at Texas Rangers - September 25, 2013 | TEX RecapRangers keep pace with win over hapless Houston. (Houston has no hap!)

Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins - September 25, 2013 | DET RecapTigers are now officially AL Central champs.

Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners - September 25, 2013 | KC RecapRoyals eliminated from postseason race by Fighting Wedges.

Explaining tiebreakers in the AL wild card race featuring Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays | Dallas Morning News - Tiebreaker procedure explainied. Texas-centric but still examines the relevant scenarios.

Grant: Rangers slaves to fate of Rays, Indians; every game now a 'must-win' | - The view from the not-catbird seat.

The Road Ahead

Twins being cautious with Arcia's knee | Star Tribune - Looking ahead at the next series v Twins.

Tribe News

Indians pitcher Justin Masterson makes triumphant return to mound | News - The tall dude with the heavy fastball is back.

The return of Jason Giambi’s home run ball means honorary Goon Squad membership for 6-year-old Jake Raffin " TribeVibe - ICYMI in yesterday's game thread.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez was always happy playing baseball in Dominican Republic | News

"My neighbors went to my mom and were like, 'Oh, this guy, he drives us crazy!'" Jimenez said. "I didn't care what they said. I just played baseball every single day."


Brewers 4, Braves 0 - Brewers' Kyle Lohse delivers a two-hitter after near-brawl - The view on the brawl from Milwaukee.

McCann confronts Brewers’ Gomez over antics after home run | - Amazingly, despite totally initiating the confrontation by standing in the baseline and impeding Gomez' access to home plate, McCann was not ejected. Atlanta writer with the apologetics and blame.

Around the League

Pinch Hitting Report Card: Reds Pass, Orioles Fail | FanGraphs Baseball - The numbers on pinch-hitting since 2009. The Indians fare quite well.

Seattle manager Eric Wedge says he's "hanging out there" regarding future with Mariners - Sports - Nanaimo Daily News - LGFT Eric Wedge status TBD

Terry Francona’s Indians Are Among Baseball’s Best Stories, But Would Be Red Sox’ Most Desirable Opponent (Podcast) | Podcast | - Boston press already looking past Indians should they win the wild card.

MLB: Five Lessons From 2013 - - With just four days left in baseball's regular season, we can draw a few obvious lessons from the year 2013.

Finally, in honor of Yankee Death Day, the Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch.

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