Indians News & Links 1/10/14: Hammy Celebrated, Le Batard Scorned


The Tribe's celebrated radio man becomes more celebrated, and Dan Le Batard loses his HOF voting privileges.

I'm sitting here watching Ken Burns' "Baseball" for the first time. I knew Ty Cobb was kind of an ass, but that dude was like, kin ass. Anyway, here are some baseball things that have happened more recently than 100 years ago. Happy Friday!

Indians news

Hammy is Ohio's sportscaser of the year | TribeVibe - I didn't even know there were other sportscasters in the state. Seriously though, it's hard to gauge how good Tom Hamilton is because I can't honestly say I've heard more than a few other teams' announcers. I do know, though, that there really isn't a better way to waste away a summer evening than by listening to Hammy call a Tribe victory.

Tribe not cutting Chief Wahoo | (Mark Naymik) - Despite reports by Paul Lukas, Indians officials have confirmed that there is no official policy to de-emphasize the controversial logo. I think CleCom has written more about this non-issue than anything else Tribe-related for the past two month's. Fortunately, no comments on this post.

DH is Santana's best position | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? (Mike Brandyberry) - It's a few days old, but DTTWLN the early, ugly returns on Carlos Santana's third base experiment. Yes, it's SSS, but Carlos looks like a man without a position in 2014.

Remembering Elmer Flick | Fangraphs (Alex Remington) - Fangraphs has a nice piece in remembrance of Bill Terry and Cleveland HOFer Elmer Flick, who both passed away on this day in 1989 and 1971 respectively.

Around the league

Le Batard stripped of HOF vote | CBS Sports (Mike Axisa) - As mentioned by USS Choo in the Hall of Fame thread, the BBWAA slapped Dan Le Batard with their maximum penalty for giving his HOF vote to Deadspin. NBC Sports' Craig Calcaterra is all over the topic with several pieces on their main page. Tomas Rios and Gwen Knapp of Sports on Earth also provide their take of the situation.

What did baseball writers know about the PED era? | Grantland (Bryan Curtis) - Really fantastic, in-depth piece about press coverage during the PED era and how it relates to HOF votes now.

The case for re-instating Pete Rose | NBC Sports (Joe Posnanski) - Joe Pos ruminates on the reasoning behind Pete Rose's lifetime ban from the HOF and whether or not it still holds.

Vin Scully makes first communion | CBS Sports (Dayn Perry) - An awesome pic from Vin's childhood.

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