Indians News & Links 1/13/14: Don't Worry About the Pitching

Kluber looks to keep up the strong work in 2014 - Ed Zurga

Maybe we should all relax and stop worrying about the pitching. After all, we've got plenty of worrying to do about A-Rod.

Happy Monday, all! On to the baseball news:

Indians news

Defense held back Tribe in 2013 | Sports on Earth (Matthew Kory) - As part of their "GM for a Day" series, Kory looks to address the Tribe's biggest needs for 2014. Despite what many of us may think, he feels the Indians have a potentially above average pitching staff, and can address pitching needs rather easily. Defense, he estimates, is the under-looked area of need for the Tribe.

Peripherals demonstrate Kluber's great season | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? (Ronnie Tellalian) - Adding some weight to the theory that the Tribe has a solid pitching staff, Tellalian takes a look at Cory Kluber's FIP and SIERA, which places him in amongst the top 15 starters in the MLB.

High walk totals not the whole story for Tribe pitchers | (Paul Hoynsie) - Hoynsie explains to a reader that despite high walk totals by Indians pitchers - 2nd most walks in the bigs last year - Tribe pitching was indeed solid last year, setting a franchise record for strikeouts.

Luis Tiant vs. The Hack | Indians Baseball Insider (Rick Lamborn) - IBI wraps up its "Tribe Madness" tournament with a showdown between Luis Tiant and Addie Joss.

Around the league

The Alex Rodriguez saga continues: Hat tip to Jason in one of today's front page stories, Ken Rosenthal writes about the potential labor implications of the A-Rod decision. The proverbial poo poo may indeed hit the fan. Elsewhere on the A-Rod front, the MLB responds to the MLBPA's statements on the situation and the poor, beguiled Yankees must search for a new third baseman. Fangraph's Brad Johnson weighs in further on what the suspension means for these downtrodden Highlanders.

LGFT Johnny Damon looking to return | CBS Sports (Matt Snyder) - In a roundup of some non-A-Rod news and notes, here's a blurb about good ol' Damon looking to make a return to MLB. I know our outfield is crowded and Damn would be, at best, worthless, but it would be kind of fun to see him and Nick Swisher together in Tribe uniforms. NBC's Bill Baer adds that the Astros and the Yankees were the only teams to kick the tires on Damon last year.

Dodgers to make serious push for Tanaka | CBS Sports (Mike Axisa) - LA is going "all out" to sign Masahiro Tanaka, saying they "won't be out-bid."

Strasburg avoids arbitration, signs one-year deal | AP via Fox Sports - In the most exciting non-A-Rod news of the day, Stephen Strasburg avoids arbitration.


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