Let's Go Tribe's top commenters of 2013

Jason Miller

A look at the LGT members who were most-actively involved with the site in 2013

Last week I collected some of my favorite FanPosts from 2013 and linked to them all in a single post. We have such an outstanding community of readers, commenters, and contributors, allowing for such entertaining and informative conversations throughout the year. I hope those of you reading but holding back on commenting or writing a FanPost will give it a go in 2014.

A couple days after putting that post together, SB Nation sent me a file listing the mist frequent commenters and authors at Let's Go Tribe (and for every other site in the SB Nation baseball family). I thought it would be fun to share that stuff with you all.

Most FanPosts in 2013:

1) Matt Y. - 12

2) ferociouswalrus - 9

3) mainstreetfan - 8

4) no1ever - 7

4) Ryan - 7

6) tgriffith1992 - 6

6) chasfh - 6

8) InfiniteMonkeyTypists - 5

9) YoDaddyWags - 4

9) Tribermetrics - 4

Most comments in 2013:

1) westbrook - 5486

2) Jason Lukehart - 5320

3) USSChoo - 5104

4) PyroKinesis - 4816

5) JulioBernazard - 4724

6) Ryan - 4476

7) Ockus_NYC - 4251

8) mauichuck - 4187

9) Danieldelamaiz - 3982

10) Cols714 - 3953

I made a big push during the second half of the year, but couldn't quite reel westbrook in! USSChoo wins the prize for most comments by someone not on the masthead, and joins the exclusive 5,000-comment club! Bet if Cols knew he was so close to 4,000, he could have found 47 more ways to say "I love you" to Ubaldo Jimenez!

I also feel compelled to mention that the leader among all of SB Nation's baseball sites was a commenter at McCovey Chronicles (our San Francisco Giants cousin), who made a staggering 44,740 comments there in 2013, which works out to 123 comments per day!

westbrook holds the crown here at Let's Go Tribe, and Matt Y. holds the crown for FanPosts. I hope some of the rest of you make a push to claim one of those titles in 2014!


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