Murphy's Law on Santana's AB's

David Murphy does not fit on this team. The moment I read about David Murphy’s daughter’s tweet I thought Carlos Santana would loose some at bats. To me, Carlos possessed the most important bat on the team and it needs to be nursed into the All Star game instead of musical positions. With the Murphy/Raburn platoon locking down RF, it is hard to see Swisher coming off 1st base too often. After reading Jake Lukeharts piece with Santana’s batting stats by position, my thoughts on putting Santana at 1st all year have galvanized. Why risk Santana’s bat? Tell him he will never catch again and stop this silliness of him at 3rd. Don’t get me wrong I would love Carlos to be a competent 3rd basemen, but deep down inside we all know that is not going to happen. What will happen more often in ’14, Santana starts at 3rd base or games played by Grady Sizemore? If that is even questionable, you don’t really believe Carlos can play 3rd. Here are the options then 1. Make Santana play DH which he admittedly hates 2.Play him at 1st where he has his best production at the plate for 140 games. Personally I think Brantley would be a good fit in RF but I don’t see the Tribe moving him. Let Swisher DH, play in RF, and sub at 1st for Santana.

In my little world

CF Bourn

2B Kipnis

1B Santana

RF/DH Swisher

LF Brantley

C Gomes

SS Cabrera

DH/RF ????????/Murphy/Raburn

3B Chisenhall

In my little world Raburn would sub in the OF vs lefties with Brantely shifting to CF when Bourn is out. I have no idea who would win the job of DH but this leaves some chance for a young player to make an impact. The Indians do a poor job of letting young talent have a shot at the beginning of the season. It also allows the Indians to upgrade this team easily at the trade deadline with any RH power bat regardless of position. Imagine this, Santana takes off not having to worry about his position and the Tribe could improve this team at the half way point easily. The Orioles are struggling, lets trade for JJ Hardy and DH ACab(if he hits). What? Michael Cuddyer rebounded in Colorado? Chris Carter looks powerful in Houston. The Blue Jays want to dismantle their team, we have a spot! You get the point. Santana is the most important cog in the wheel and if he has to worry about 3rd base, catcher’s gear, and a 1st base glove it will not look pretty in the batters box. I would add another catcher to the 25 man roster and let Carlos relax at 1st base. Unfortunately Murphy is all but a lock at the opening day roster, so I am not getting my hopes up of seeing Carlos Moncrief or Jesus Aguilar. But seriously I’m still praying Carlos Santana looks like Brooks Robinson at 3rd in Spring Training, or at least Brook Jacoby.

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