Topps BUNT

Is anyone on here (ha ha) playing this app from Topps? I just started a few weeks ago, and it's actually a bit fun.

I used to love collecting baseball cards. It's been years since I habitually bought any (having a son who's not totally into baseball puts a damper on card-collecting) and the expense doesn't seem worth it as much. I remember going to the local drug store with my dad and buying out the last box of cards they had. They were 1986 Topps, and those days we were just on the edge of the flooded market that killed the value of virtually any recently collected card. I still have all of my original cards (most in good to mint condition from 1977-ish to 1993 or so) locked away in my crawlspace. I never had the urge to sell the collection or any of the cards, even when the market was high. I just value them sentimentally too much.



I can't recall how I came across BUNT (kind of a dumb name ... reminds me of Ron Gardenhire) but it re-awakened a bit of that nostalgia for collecting.

BUNT is an app from Topps that features digital trading cards with a built-in fantasy points game. There's thousands of cards to collect, from Super Rare to Common cards, including special inserts (Hank Aaron, signatures, saberstars, etc.)

Basically, you play 9 cards every day to score points based off of those daily performances. Every day, you get an allotment of coins (plus a weekly bonus) that you use to buy a variety of packs of cards (some have only 1 card, some have 10. All of them have virtual gum that cracks apart.)

I've made the Indians my favorite team and my screename is EVILTOMVERYZER (which just might become my screen name here someday.)

I haven't made any trades yet because I've collected so few cards and I'm not sure exactly how to go about it since there are so many users out there. It would be more fun to trade with someone I (kind of) know.

I would hope that a few LGTers might download and try the app. It's free. If you do, look me up using my screenname to connect.

Find out more here.

If you're into football, there's also Topps HUDDLE.

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