Zach McAllister cruises as Indians win Wednesday's first game 2-0

Jason Miller

It was like the Battle of Resaca de la Palma all over again, as Old Rough and Ready dominated the Padres.

Game 8: Indians 2, Padres 0

Zach McAllister sure knows how to make a guy feel better about him. After struggling in his first start of the season, Old Rough and Ready dominated the Padres in the front end of Wednesday's doubleheader at Progressive Field, leading the Indians to a 2-0 win. McAllister pitched 7.2 shutout innings, allowing only 5 hits while striking out 7 and walking none. It's not a stretch to call it the best start of his career.

John Axford thought about ruining our fun, putting the tying run on base in the 9th, but he was just messing with us, and picked up his 4th save of the season.

The Tribe offense wasn't especially lively, managing only 5 hits of its own, but one of them was a 2-run bomb from Jason Kipnis to right-center field in the 6th inning, and that was all the help McAllister needed. Carlos Santana also collected a hit and added two more walks to his tally, which will further enrage his detractors who don't believe in walking.

This recap is brief, because the second game will begin only 25 minutes after this one ended. Really though, Zach McAllister's brilliance is all you need to know about this one.

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