Jacobs/Progressive Field has seen a ton of walk-off home runs

Jason Miller

Nick Swisher hit the Tribe's 4th walk-off home run of the season on Thursday. It was the 74th regular season walk-off home run in Jacobs/Progressive Field history. Since The Jake's inaugural season (1994), no team has more walk-off home runs than the Indians, and it's not even close. The Athletics are a distant second with 56 home runs, followed by the Dodgers with 51, and then Red Sox with 49.

On woodsmeister's recommendation, I decided to break down those 74 walk-offs by season. Keep in mind that this data does not include postseason walk-offs, so Tony Pena's blast against Boston in Game 1 of the 1995 ALDS, awesome as it was, is not included:

Year Walk-Off Wins Walk-Off Home Runs
1994 10 5
1995 12 9
1996 9 6
1997 5 0
1998 7 4
1999 9 3
2000 7 3
2001 11 5
2002 11 5
2003 8 1
2004 9 3
2005 3 2
2006 7 2
2007 10 4
2008 4 1
2009 7 1
2010 7 2
2011 12 7
2012 6 1
2013 11 6
2014 5 4

Not surprisingly* the 1995 season is first with 12 walk-off wins and an amazing 9 walk-off home runs. The 2011 team tied the 1995 team with 12 walk-off wins and a very respectable total of 7 walk-off home runs. The biggest surprise to me was that the 1997 team didn't have a single walk-off home run, the only season without one in the stadium's history.

*It's not surprising that 1995 leads, but it is extra impressive, because that season was only 144 games long, due to the labor stoppage that delayed its start.

At the moment, 2014 is on pace to tie both of 1995's record totals, but we'll have to see what happens.

When broken down by player, Jim Thome leads the Tribe with 9 total Jacobs/Progressive walk-off home runs. Albert Belle is 2nd with 6, while less predictably, Casey Blake is in 3rd place with 4.

Player Walk-off HR at Jacobs/Progressive
Jim Thome 9
Albert Belle 6
Casey Blake 4
Manny Ramirez 3
Sandy Alomar 3
Omar Vizquel 3
Travis Hafner 3
Asdrubal Cabrera 3
Carlos Santana 3
Paul Sorrento 2
Kenny Lofton 2
Eddie Murray 2
Travis Fryman 2
Ben Broussard 2
Matt LaPorta 2
Jason Giambi 2
Alvaro Espinoza 1
Brian Giles 1
Juan Gonzalez 1
Mat Lawton 1
Bill Selby 1
Josh Bard 1
Karim Garcia 1
Brandon Phillips 1
Aaron Boone 1
Jhonny Peralta 1
Kelly Shopach 1
Ben Franscisco 1
Victor Martinez 1
Luis Valbuena 1
Cord Phelps 1
Shin Soo Choo 1
Jason Kipnis 1
Yan Gomes 1
Ryan Raburn 1
Michael Brantley 1
Michael Bourn 1
Nick Swisher 1
Julio Franco 1

(Unfortunately the graphs I made to coincide with this data wouldn't show up and I have no idea how to fix that.)

Cabrera and Santana are tied for the lead among active Indians, and let's hope they each move closer to the top of the overall list before the year is out.

Among those 74 walk-offs, my personal favorite is still Albert Belle's walk-off grand slam off of Lee Smith in 1995. This one:

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