Indians trade for Chris Dickerson, designated George Kottaras for assignment

Your newest Indian, Chris Dickerson, Mr. 1800 - Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

the Indians have acquired outfielder Chris Dickerson from the Pittsburgh Pirates for a player to be named later or cash. To make room on the roster, catcher George Kottaras had been designated for assignment again.

Dickerson, a 32-year-old left-handed outfielder, has been playing in Triple-A this season, with a solid .309/.407/.479 batting line, with 7 home runs and 12 stolen bases.He had 109 plate appearances for the Orioles in 2013, hitting only .238/.266/.400.

Personally, I'd rather just see Tyler Holt get some playing time, but maybe Dickerson will surprise me.

Also, Dickerson becomes something of a historical footnote for the Indians by playing for them tonight, he'll be the 1,800th player in franchise history.

The previous 1,799 include 31 Hall of Famers to play for Cleveland, along with many who lasted just one appearance.

Entering this season, there had been 1786 players who had appeared on the field in a Cleveland uniform. John AxfordDavid Murphy, and a handful of non-roster invitees also made the team out of spring training. By April 2, six new guys had joined the list (Nyjer Morgan, Murphy, Axford, Elliot Johnson, Scott Atchison and Josh Outman). May brought on six more (George Kottaras, Jesus Aguilar, Kyle Crockett, TJ House, Justin Sellers and Mark Lowe). Holt was #1,799, and now Dickerson gets to grab a round number.

Here is a rundown of each century mark players (game logs do not exist for prior to 1914, which is why there is no #100 or 200):

300: Red Torkelson; August 29, 1917; 6th inning reliever

Cleveland career: 4 games, 3 starts, 7.66 ERA, 2.060 WHIP, -1.1 bWAR

400: Gene Bedford; June 25, 1925; 2B defensive replacement

Cleveland career: 2 games, 3 plate appearances, 000/000/000, -0.1 bWAR

500: Bill Perrin; September 30, 1934; starting pitcher

Cleveland career: 1 game, 1 start, 14.40 ERA, 3.000 WHIP, -0.3 bWAR

600: Russ Lyon; April 21, 1944; starting catcher

Cleveland career: 7 games, 12 plate appearances, 182/250/182, -0.1 bWAR

700: Barney McCoskey, July 24, 1951; 9th inning pinch hitter

Cleveland career: 107 games, 129 plate appearances, 210/285/302, -0.6 bWAR

800: Al Cicotte; April 24, 1959; 7th inning reliever

Cleveland career: 26 games, 1 start, 5.32 ERA, 1.614 WHIP, -0.7 bWAR

900: Chico Salmon; June 28, 1964; 8th inning pinch runner

Cleveland career: 484 games, 1408 plate appearances, 252/292/350, 1.2 bWAR

1000: Chris Chambliss; May 28, 1971; 8th inning pinch hitter

Cleveland career: 404 games, 1665 plate appearances, 282/339/397, 4.0 bWAR

1100: Cardell Camper; September 11, 1977; 7th inning reliever

Cleveland career: 3 games, 1 start, 3.86 ERA, 1.179 WHIP, 0.1 bWAR

1200: Jeff Moronko; September 1, 1984; starting 3B

Cleveland career: 7 games, 23 plate appearances, 158/273/211, -0.2 bWAR

1300: Mark Higgins; September 7, 1989; 7th inning 1B defensive replacement

Cleveland career: 6 games, 11 plate appearances, 100/182/100, -0.1 bWAR

1400: Brian Barnes; April 25, 1994; 7th inning reliever

Cleveland career: 6 games, 0 starts, 5.40 ERA, 2.025 WHIP, -0.2 bWAR

1500: Chuck Finley; April 5, 2000; starting pitcher

Cleveland career: 74 games, 74 starts, 4.59 ERA, 1.465 WHIP, 5.8 bWAR

1600: Matt J Miller; May 16, 2004; 8th inning reliever

Cleveland career: 96 games, 0 starts, 2.74 ERA, 1.170 WHIP, 2.4 bWAR

1700: Wyatt Toregas; August 1, 2009; starting catcher

Cleveland career: 19 games, 60 plate appearances, 176/267/196, -0.3 bWAR

As you can see, Mr. Dickerson does not have to do much to finish on the upper end of this list. But if he fades away to obscurity, that will not be a big deal either.

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