Evan Dawson



Fact or Fiction: Garko's Second Half Story

I found myself scratching my head at this exchange (watch the video) between a reporter -- not Paul Hoynes -- and Ryan Garko: Reporter: "When you look back at last year, do you see any big...

Maybe the best comment ever.


First of all, this is all sounding redundant. The article sucks and the commenters suck. But this is really outstanding, I promise. First, I love that Hoynes states as fact that Grady's batting average is "failing." Perhaps he meant to write, "falling." Um, let's hope. It's still silly. Second, this piece smacks of a writer who is just now coming around to the idea that batting average is, in fact, overrated. Third, just read the first comment. I mean, to equate someone saying, "Batting average is overrated," with someone saying, "Wins are overrated," well... Well done. Well done, indeed.

"I started to get more in the higher 90s. I felt pretty good about that."


Well, Jesus, me too. I hate the vague description of what doctors did to fix his hand ("pulley system?" Would it have been too difficult to actually explain it?) And I know we've discussed Miller plenty. But seeing him talk about feeling healthy gets me so pumped. And then I feel like this again. C'mon, Adam. Let's do this.

Time to Hug It Out


Because we've seen a few, er, contentious threads of late, I thought I'd throw a big, LGT-size olive branch on the fire. This is a reminder that the Indians Annual ships TODAY. How can that not improve your mood? Imagine how silly you'll feel if you haven't ordered yours while everyone else is curled up in a Snuggie, reading Andrew's brilliant analysis of the loosey goosey nature of the band Nelson asking if they could tour with Radiohead. We'll be reading happily, with the sounds of Hammy on our old-school radio telling us that Kerry Wood slammed the door again, and BALLGAME!



We've had too much fun at Hoynsie's expense of late, so let's shift for a moment to Dennis M. My two favorites: 1) Manny Ramirez is a "proven winner" 2) Dolan has to attempt to sign Ramirez to prove he was serious about spending enough money to compete. And check out Terry Pluto's column today for evidence of a writer who has trouble distinguishing between "mad" and "angry."

Who is Nick Weglarz?


Pretty sure Paul Hoynes doesn't know. Doesn't even mention the walk rate. I realize that we pick on Hoynes quite a bit, but there's a reason: It seems that there are still a lot of Tribe fans who read this piece to regularly get "answers" to questions about the team. So as long as he's doing damage, he deserves the scrutiny. (And I love how he completely ignores the second question, taking it instead as an opportunity to whine about the Tribe's supposed stupidity).


My Dad Is Neifi Perez. And I Cried On the Phone.

**My apologies for this post, which is purely cathartic and selfish on my part. I am feeling strangely emotional and proud. I will not do this every day.   He's fortunate to enjoy good...


My Dad Is Going To Fantasy Camp.

My 64-year old father leaves on Saturday for Indians Fantasy Camp in Arizona. Naturally, I'm a bit concerned that he'll pull his hammy on the first sprint. Does anyone have a relative or friend...

I Demand Hey Jaysie


What, Jay is allowed to have a life outside of doing Paul Hoynes' job for him? Look, I know it's been three days, but I just saw this, and it's another disaster. Reading that column makes me want to stab myself with a morning star. Jay, I urge you to break it down like Andre 3000. I mean, the questions he chooses deserve instant derision.

Tex Wants To Win As Badly as CC


I'm actually enjoying this now. I hope they get Manny and Peavy. Beating them in the first round will be hilarious.

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