Raffie Right not worth $5 million


The Rockies have decided not to overpay Rafael Betancourt. I don't think he's headed back to Cleveland, however, since Colorado seem to be interested in re-signing him. I kind of miss him (the one from a few years ago, anyway).

Marte, Brown named AAA All Stars


Noted without comment: Topps named its 2009 AAA All Star team today, and included third baseman (!) Andy Marte and outfielder (!) Jordan Brown among the ten players honored.

Another Award for the Captian of the Evil Empire


He probably deserves this more than the one he got yesterday.

Stadium Journey: Best Major League Ballpark, 2009


The folks at Stadium Journey are out with their rankings of MLB ballparks. Progressive Field was ranked 19th, with food/drinks being its biggest failing. Here's the details behind their rating system.

NEWSFLASH! Agent Promotes His Client


Crasnick really comes off as Boras' ***** here.

Pavano a backup plan


If Westbrook isn't ready by April, Pavano has a decent chance to be back.

AL Gold Glove Winners


C: Joe Mauer, Twins 1B: Mark Teixeira, Yankees 2B: Placido Polanco, Tigers 3B: Evan Longoria, Rays SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees OF: Torii Hunter, Angels OF: Adam Jones, Orioles OF: Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners P: Mark Buehrle, White Sox

More Shake Up: New Pacific Rim Scouts


Hoynes chimes in from the GM meetings: The Indians fired the two scouts responsible for the Tribe's Pacific Rim scouting. One new full-time scout has been hired and will live in Japan. Two more part-time scouts will cover Taiwan and S. Korea.

Jeff Kent was just gritty


Jeff Kent was just gritty

That lil quote, and other answers in Prospectus Q&A with Kerry Wood. Also! Kerry Wood is not worried about walking guys.

Another reason to hate CC


CC says that he's trying to recruit LeBron to NY. I know this is more of a basketball story, but I just can't help how much I despise CC right now. I went so far as to watch Legally Blonde with my wife last night instead of listening to him spew filth on Jay Leno's show. Yeah, Legally Blonde. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I'd watch it a thousand times again if it means not hearing CC say how much he loves NY and that this team overcame obstacles or some other nonsense.

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