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2012 in Review: Derek Lowe


Derek Lowe was acquired by the Indians just after the 2011 World Series ended. He had one year left on his previous contract, but the Braves were no longer in his services.

Hardball Times: Five questions: Atlanta Braves


John Beamer is pretty optimistic on questions on Fredi, Heyward, Uggla, Lowe until this parting shot at the end: "I don't think the Phillies will win 97 games again next season. The Braves had the sniff of a 90-92 win team given how they played last year. My guess is that won't be quite enough to take the divison—the Phillies will likely do that—but it should be enough to secure the wild card and another heartbreaking loss in the NLDS. "

Derek Lowe's Wild Tendencies


Great stuff on Derek Lowe. A must read for anyone interested in pitching peripherals and Pitch F/X. Oh, it has heat maps!

Phillies vs Braves: April 5,7,8


The Phillies take on the Braves April 5, 7, and 8. This article discusses the players' skills, peripherals, and splits.

Washington Nationals Drop Out Of Free Agent Mix?

MLB.com's Bill Ladson is quoting an anonymous "baseball source" in a new article entitled, "Nats unlikely to sign top free agents", in which Mr. Ladson reports: "It appears the Nationals will not sign any major free agents this offseason. According to a baseball source, they will concentrate on their Minor League system and try to make trades for young players." The "baseball source" tells Mr. Ladson that the secondary targets after Washington failed to woo Mark Teixeira to the nation's capital, Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson, "...overpriced themselves out of Washington." Whether this is a last minute negotiating tactic or a sincere admission of withdrawal from the market we'll have to wait and see...

Red Sox out of Burnett sweepstakes


The Mazz writes the Red Sox are out on AJ Burnett bidding: The Red Sox never seemed fully invested in talks for A.J. Burnett, so it should it come as no surprise that the competition for the...

Should the Sox sign Derek Lowe?


I was really happy when Derek Lowe left the Red Sox after the 2004 season. My feelings were primarily due in part because I knew he wasn't worth the type of money he was going to demand. He ended...

Links Are Fun


Ned takes on Ed Wade in the semi-finals of the Worst GM tournament . As of this moment, it’s 40-39 so every vote counts. It’s hard to believe, but I didn’t think Ned deserved to make it this far,...

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