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2012 in Review: Francisco Lindor


Francisco Lindor is the Indians most prized prospect, easily the highest rated on all major prospect rankings (he comes in 13th overall on MLB.com's recently updated list, the only player in...

Minor League Recap: August 2, 2012


Columbus 2, Norfolk 8 Eric Berger got the start and let in five runs before he was taken out in the fifth with two runners on, both who ended up scoring courtesy of some shaky relief from Bryan...

Minor League Recap: July 25, 2011


Columbus 11, Toledo 10 (Game one) Columbus 3, Toledo 5 (Game two) Columbus blew a 9-2 lead, but scored a run in the bottom of the 7th to win the opening game of a doubleheader. Ezequiel Carrera...

Minor League Recap: July 23, 2012


Columbus 14, Lehigh Valley 9 Jeanmar Gomez was having a decent start until the sixth inning, when he imploded to give up six runs. Despite that, Columbus had more than enough offense, as the...

Minor League Recap: July 20 & 21, 2012


Two days of baseball action in one post, today. Some excellent pitching performances and continued strong hitting in the lower part of the system. Columbus 6, Lehigh Valley 2 Columbus 4, Lehigh...

Open Thread: Futures Game


Jesus Aguilar (who is in the starting lineup) and Francisco Lindor (who is on the bench) will both be playing for the World team in the Futures Game in Kansas City. The game is being broadcast on...

Kevin Goldstein saying awesome stuff about Francisco Lindor


If you're like me, you can't get enough of people raving about Francisco Lindor. On this week's Up and In podcast, Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks spend a good segment of time talking about him (Goldstein saw him play last week). Money quote: "I can't remember seeing a shortstop this low that got me this excited since Alex Rodriguez, who obviously is the best player I've ever seen in the Midwest League." There is also a brief discussion of Luigi Rodriguez, Ronny Rodriguez, and Bryson Myles.

Grant on drafting Lindor (FanGraphs)


Boiled down to the belief that he'll stick at short. The article also includes some general insight into the Indians' scouting process.

Indians 2012 top 15 Prospects & Discussion


Jeff Reese and I took a look at the Indians system over at Bullpen Banter. Outside of Lindor (who probably isn't getting the attention he deserves!) the picture is not a pretty one, though I'm sure you guys are aware of that. if you're interested in hearing some of our thoughts on the org. and learning about some of the younger international kids it might be worth a look. Thanks for reading - Al Skorupa

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