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Keith Law's Top 100 Prospect List (ESPN In$ider)


Cleveland Indians appearing on the list: 39. Chiz 56. Kipnis 60. Pomeranz Appearing on Law's blog as top prospects just missing the cut is Alex White.

Voros McCracken profile


Thorough pice on the guy who brought BABIP (or, more specifically, DIPS) into the world.

KLaw's Top 100 Prospects


Most of this is in Insider, but here's a short synopsis of the Cleveland players who made the list. 13. Carlos Santana: "Given his tremendous control of the strike zone and above-average power, he has very little to do to turn into an average big league catcher, but there's a high probability that he develops into much more." 27. Matt LaPorta: "LaPorta is what he is (or what you thought he was, if you thought about him at all before this sentence): a slow, patient slugger, stuck at first base, whose power and on-base skills will make him a productive middle-of-the-order hitter and who is ready for the majors now." 58. Adam Miller: "At this point, he just needs to stay healthy for a full year, and if the way to do that is in one- and two-innings bursts three times a week, so be it." 61. Nick Weglarz: "Weglarz is one of the most disciplined hitters in the minors -- he's drawn three fewer walks than Lars Anderson the past two years in more than 100 fewer plate appearances -- and only his uncertain power potential keeps him out of the top quarter of this list." 66. David Huff: "Huff will sit 89-92 now and touch 94, and he still has an excellent changeup. He throws both a slider and a curve, with the slider now showing solid-average, but the curveball has a chance to become at least fringe-average although its slow rotation means it probably won't be plus."

BBWAA reverses course, admits Neyer and Law


In other news from the Bellagio, the BBWAA has voted to approve four new net-centric scribes, including Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus and Rob Neyer and Keith Law of ESPN.com. Last year, Neyer and Law weren't good enough, but they've been granted the keys to the fluorescent green chartreuse BBWAA washroom.

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