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On Scooter, Law and Melvin

Earlier this afternoon Rob Neyer posted this little dandy over at FoxSports.com which includes a recount of statements by Doug Melvin taking umbrage with a certain unnamed prospect guru who, Melvin...

Sandy Alderson chats with Keith Law

On his "Behind The Dish" podcast, Keith Law chatted with Mets GM Sandy Alderson about developing young players, the organization's glut of strike-throwers, and the problems in the Dominican Republic.

Wednesday Rockpile: Excited for Gray, Butler


Looking at the Rockies prospects in Keith Law's top 100 prospect list (Jon Gray, Eddie Butler, David Dahl, and Rosell Herrera) and the top 10 Rockies prospects list on Fangraphs.

Keith Law's mock draft: Ryne Stanek to the Sox


Yet another name thrown into the mix for Boston's first pick in the 2013 MLB draft.

Pair Of Red Sox Prospects In Keith Law's Top 50


Boston's farm system might have been average heading into the year, but prospect guru after prospect guru are starting to believe in them.

Keith Law Dismisses Pirates


"They (the Pirates) are not making the playoffs, and they would be fools to start buying." "Even if they (the Pirates) got to the playoffs, which I just think is close to a zero probability, they would not go far in the playoffs at all. They are not even close to any other potential playoff team." - Keith Law on the Baseball Today podcast July 5, 2012 UPDATE from David: Keith said the same thing many times last year and was obviously right. We'll see how this season plays out or if his views change at all as we get closer to the deadline.


Keith Law's latest top 15

His article sits behind ESPN's paywall. It is a Top-100 list. 1. Buxton, of, prep 2. Correa, ss, prep 3. Gausman, p, college 4. Zunino, c, college 5. Fried, p, prep 6. Appel, p, college 7. Almora,...

Law on the Power


Law believes Hanson is a legitimate hitting prospect who also has the tools to remain at SS. He liked Carvajal but chided him for showboating. He liked Polanco and Bell, but believes they need to clean up their swings. He liked Dodson. He worried about Allie.

Keith Law chat transcript - 3/22/2012


Here is Keith Law's chat transcript from today. I've pulled out the Jays related questions/answers. The Beede quote below made it sound like he was hurt, anyone know anything about this? About Tyler Beede Ian (Toronto) Hey Keith. The Jays missed out on signing Tyler Beede, much to the disappointment of fans. Now that time has passed and we have more data on Beede, do you think this is a miss the Jays will come to regret? Klaw (1:13 PM) No. And they didn't miss out. The two sides couldn't agree on how healthy he was, so the discussion fell apart. He has not looked good so far this year, according to a half-dozen scouts I've talked to who've seen him. About Joey Votto: Ron (Toronto) It seems like for the next two years, there will be an endless Joey Votto-Blue Jays discussion in Toronto. Given the Jays likely timeline and team needs, is Votto the player you would suggest they go "all-in" on, whether it's in free agency, a trade, or a trade and extension? Klaw (1:46 PM) Great player, but I don't get the whole "sign every Canadian you can" concept. How about just signing the best players? About Delgado/Doc Daniel (Charlotte) What is the single greatest 1 game performance you have scouted? Klaw (2:14 PM) Can I count two from Toronto? Delgado's four-homer game, or Halladay's 99-pitch 10-inning CG against that awful Tigers team in 2003. Took a no-hitter into the 8th when Kevin Witt broke it up. I don't buy into the whole "inevitability" thing, but those were two instances were I felt from early in the game that I was watching something different.

Law Tabs Domingo Tapia as Mets Top Sleeper Prospect


Join us as we take a closer look at one of the Mets most intriguing young pitching prospects coming into 2012.

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