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"Heads Up!"


The soundscape of Indians spring training, 2010.


Some thoughts from Goodyear…

Well my trip to Goodyear for games against the Mariners and Brewers has come and gone, and it certainly wasn’t without its share of highs and lows. My contributions here on LGT usually consist of...


Spring Training Recap: Rockies vs. Indians, March 11

First glimpse of Goodyear. Seems like it will be nice when it is completely finished. Solid field, but lacks 'character' when compared to Winter Haven and some of the old Florida joints. Sure the...

Spring training quotes; A-Z


Amusing spring training quotes from Cleveland's camp

Spring Training Recap: Dodgers vs. White Sox, March 8

Highlights: Camelback Ranch is a pretty nice place to practice and play. Weather was good. The Ozzie Guillen Show. Guy never stops jabbering, hamming it up with fans. I know it's ST, so there's a little less game strategery going on, but Ozzie really likes to keep it loose. Contrast to Torre, who was either sleeping or dead in the Dodgers dugout ... he didn't move an inch for 7 and a half innings. Gordon Beckham looks like the real deal. The 8th overall pick out of Georgia went 3-5 with 3 doubles. If I were Chris Getz, I would be looking over my shoulder a bit, depending on how the White Sox handle service time management. No Pierzynski. Doug Mientkiewicz is even more awesome in person. He looks like a little leaguer out there ... or a softball player. Donny Lucy's 6h inning at-bat. Fouled off 11 pitches or something like that. Then works the count to 2 and 2, then takes the next one deep. Lowlights:White Sox. Dodgers. White Sox fans. Dodgers fans. Juan Pierre wants so bad to be a real baseball player. He certainly looks the part, anyways. You have to feel a bit sad for the 34 year old NRIs who reek of desperation. LGFT: White Sox - Boo Thome, Ben Broussard, Eider Torres Dodgers - Beardy and Fat Second Baseman Hector Luna. Worst Jersey Sighting: Scott Podsednik, #22 White Sox jersey Next game: White Sox vs. Indians, today at Camelback Ranch.

Back in the (game thread) saddle


It's good to be back.  A recap of the opening game of spring training: 10:17 JK in CBus Is this heaven?  No, its a fresh game thread… 10:32 emil minty  omg i forgot to dvr this. /defenestrates 1...

Wood has minor back problem


Wedge stresses the issue is minor. Many hands are wrung. UPDATE: Per Castro again, Wood had a full workout today and expects to throw a full bullpen session tomorrow. [Jay]

Spring opener on MLB Network


For those out of the STO broadcast area, the MLB network will be picking up STO's feed Wednesday afternoon (3pm). Thanks to ManhattanTribeFan for the heads up.


FOR SALE: 2 Tribe Spring Training Tix

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